Training Firm Trading Application

About Project

The main objective of the IPA project by Economic school Katarina Zrinski is to develop Modular curriculum for the school subject Business of Training Firms, based on the needs of local/regional labor market, good practice example in the EU (Secondary economic school Celje) and in line with the methodology and requirements of VET Act. The emphasis is on improving the entrepreneurial competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of VET school management, teachers and students.

Economic School Katarina Zrinski tested the new curriculum through a Pilot project in 2. and 3. grade (February – June 2011), accompanied by new ICT solutions (software, web portal and e-learning) in order to open the curriculum to other economic schools and all vocational schools in the long run.

The final output of the project, the “VET TF Incubator” will be a virtual one-stop for all Training Firms willing to team up, collaborate and do business, obtain mentoring advices from the experts from University College of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management Nikola Subic Zrinski. The sustainability of the project is guaranteed by the “VET TF incubator“, which will be set up as educational consortium of education institutions interested to support this kind of toolkits for doing virtual TF business and it can be a platform for exchanging ideas and brainstorming follow-up programmes and projects.



This project is funded by EU IPA ASO Education group Zrinski